An architecture firm with specific expertise in building disputes


    Architecture: As a Registered Architect with 35+ years experience, I design and manage building projects. 

    Building Disputes:  I have had 20+ years experience in helping owners, contractors, designers and lawyers avoid them, understand them, and resolve them.

Both roles benefit from practical and professional skills and qualifications in construction, design, valuation, law, & dispute resolution.  As well as a dollop of reality and common sense. 

Our Clients 

Architectural projects:  private, institutional and commercial clients.  
Disputes:  builders, subcontractors, owners, designers, & lawyers.
Governance & risk management:  statutory and corporate boards.

Our Company

Colin Orchiston started out as an architect, picked up qualifications in valuation in the 1980's, and then after qualifying in arbitration and mediation in the early 1990's has been active in building disputes.  Since 1976 he has been involved in a range of residential and commercial architecture, including managing an office with a dozen or more staff, as well as serving on the Weathertight Homes mediation panel, the Building Practitioner's Board, and in professional indemnity insurance.  He is still very much "hands on" in design and construction, but more often these days has his brains picked by lawyers, designers and builders to sort out what has gone wrong, why, and how the resulting hassles can be sorted in the most cost-effective way and with the least fuss.